How to know if an online store is trustworthy

How to know if an online store is trustworthy

If you are reporting on what is the store that gives you more confidence to buy the best tomatoes, costumes and best quality phones at a better price when you buy online you must do the same.

The first thing to do is to only buy from the top online stores. If you have to buy from some other stores then, to get advantages offered by Internet purchases safely, is to check the online store where you want to buy is legitimate. One way to verify its legitimacy , especially when first bought in a store or do not have much experience doing online shopping is to seek information about it. One possibility is to ask our friends or family members to tell their own experiences and advise us on stores they already know. Another source of information which can be find on the Internet, for example, can be useful the views we find in user forums or if that store has a user rating system, in this we can see the opinions of existing customers They bought in the store.

Check Information on the website

It is also appropriate that, before you buy at the store, look for an e-mail, contact form or phone number, country whenever possible. Find this information in an online store is an indication that the store works with seriousness.

Also, before you make the purchase, we should seek and read your Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. These documents will find important information on how the data we provide to the store when we bought high and are treated; how our complaints and returns are managed; or what guarantees aftermarket offers the store. This information should appear and be accessible in all online stores.

Other information must also be published and accessible is the physical address of the company that runs the online store and what laws are based on the event that a dispute occurs. If we do not find, you should choose another store to make our purchases online.


Check the shop uses secure communications

Another fundamental aspect that we must check before buying process is that in the address bar of the browser, the URL of the online store, starting with HTTPS , so we know that the data that we introduce at the time of purchase is transmitted encrypted and they can not be intercepted by anyone to use them illegally.

Additional checks

Another detail that will allow us to recognize that an online store can be trusted, is that in it a seal of confidence appears online.

Although this is not required, these seals we confirm that the store has passed a series of tests necessary to get the seal, and meets safety standards, quality and transparency in the treatment of our data and proper protection, or purchases and returns management, among others. There are several hallmarks of this type, such as Confidence Online , Best Web , Trusted Shops or Aenor e-commerce , among others.

Moreover, when entering our personal and banking information from an online store must be careful. It is reasonable and convenient suspected in an online store that asks us too many unnecessary data getting us high or make a purchase.

If the online store has a customer service that we can go to for help in case we have any problems with our purchase, it also will make us feel more secure and calm to buy in this online store.

If we make all checks mentioned above before buying from an online store, we will increase the likelihood that our purchase is successful.